No More Website for Now

I was informed today by SiteLock, the company who I am paying to monitor my website and help keep it safe from malware, they want more money in order to protect me, because of how many pages, etc. I now have on my site.  They say if I get a bad malware attack, they can “blacklist” me and possibly take down my site if I don’t pay for more protection.  (Protection is according to what package you pay for.)  The next level of protection would cost me $30 per month.

I do not receive any money for blogging.  I write articles, etc. because I love crochet.  I have other costs related to keeping a blog up, such as my host server expense, as well as paying for my domain name.

Therefore, I am pulling my blog down for the time being.  You can still follow me on my Pinterest pages, my Facebook page, as well as on my Twitter feed.  I will continue to pass along good quality crochet information there.

Thank you all for your support.  It has been my pleasure keeping you informed of all the wonderful crochet news out there!