Get Your Holiday Crochet Products Ready to Sell Now!

Here are some great articles with tips to get your holiday crochet selling season started.  Some of these articles may repeat certain tips, however that should emphasize to you how important that particular tip really is!



The Time to Think “Holiday Sales” is TODAY! by Creative Income

Great tips to set up a plan for your holiday sales.


Moose Necklace

Preparing Your Online Store for the Holiday Rush by Creative Income

Preparation is key to staying organized during the holiday rush.



Marketing Ideas for Christmas Success by Marketing Creativity

Here are a few marketing ideas for the Christmas season to get your craft business noticed.



How to Keep Your Holiday Spirit During the Busiest Time of the Year by Creative Income

Give a little extra, decorate your work space, and take a time-out to keep yourself in a holiday mood.



Don’t Lose Your Holiday Sales by Oh My! Handmade Goodness

Some ideas to continue your sales relationship with your customers after the holidays.


Krafter’s Korner: New Blog for Blind & Visually-Impaired Crafters

Do you ever wonder if you (or someone you know) can participate in crafts, even though you are visually impaired?

Well, you can!  Check out the new Krafter’s Korner blog where you can share your love of crafting with other blind and visually-impaired crafters.

This blog is a wonderful crafting resource sponsored through the NFB (National Federation of the Blind) crafter’s division.  It posts Krafter’s Korner class info, Monday Night Chat info, as well as news for blind crafters.

Krafter’s Korner classes are held over the telephone or through email.  Some current classes include how to make a beaded ornament banner, a Christmas crochet granny square, a loom knitted lace ornament, a loom knitted Christmas bell ornament, and a safety pin beaded Christmas tree ornament.  To be able to attend these classes you do need to be a member of Krafter’s Korner.  However, your yearly dues of just $20 allows you to take any or all classes for the year for free!  Past craft classes have been taught in crochet, knitting, macrame, basket weaving, beading, loom knitting, origami, as well as plastic canvas.  Check out the Classes page on the Krafter’s Korner website for more info.

Monday Night Chats are conference calls (there may be long-distance charges) on most Monday nights at 9 pm EST.  (You DO NOT need to be a member of Krafter’s Korner to listen in on these chats or to join the mailing listserv.)  Topics are wide-ranging, but the thread of crafting runs through each and every one.  Some past chats have included knit or crochet alongs where someone reads a pattern and everyone on the call would follow the pattern.  Other times special guests have been in on the calls, such as owners of crafting-related businesses who have shared their crafting knowledge.  You can check out more Monday Night Chat info on the Krafter’s Korner website.

Check out this wonderful website and blog for more info on crafting for the blind!

Tunisian Crochet Purl Stitch

Tunisian Crochet Purl Stitch (TPS)


The Tunisian Crochet Purl Stitch (Tps) is very similar to the knitted purl stitch.  It has a nice texture to it and creates an interesting stitch pattern when combined with other Tunisian stitches.  The purl stitch can also be used at the beginning and end of your Tunisian crochet projects to help reduce some of the “Tunisian curl” that is part of this particular crochet technique.

I used a size K Tunisian crochet hook and 100% cotton yarn in this sample.

Row 1:  (Tunisian Forward Pass):  Ch number indicated in pattern.  Insert hook in 2nd ch from hook, yo, pull up lp, (insert hook in next ch, yo, pull up lp) across.  Leave all lps on hook.  Do not turn.

Complete Row (Tunisian Reverse Pass):  Yo, pull through 1 lp on hook, (yo, pull through 2 lps on hook) across until 1 lp remains on hook.

Row 2:  With yarn in front, sk 1st vertical bar, insert hook under next vertical bar, pull up lp, (with yarn in front, insert hook under next vertical bar, yo, pull up lp) across.  Tunisian reverse pass.

Repeat Row 2 for pattern.

Last Row:  Tunisian Bind Off (Right to left).  Sk 1st vertical bar, (insert hook under next vertical bar, yo, pull through 2 lps on hook) across.  Fasten off.

Crochet Hair Scrunchies Roundup

Crochet hair scrunchies are great for that hot summer weather!  They are a perfect project for your left over yarn.

I have made so many crochet scrunchies that I thought I would create a roundup of scrunchie patterns for you to enjoy!


Double Crochet Scrunchie by Meladoras Creations

Meladoras Scrunchie


Mya’s Scrunchie by Twila Lenoir

scrunchie myas


Frilly Flowery Hair Tie by the Green Dragonfly

scrunchie Hair-Frilly-Flowery-Hair-Ties


Sarah’s Lacy Scrunchie by Happyghan

scrunchie lacy


ShoeLace Scrunchie by MoiraCrochets

scrunchi shoelace


How to make Crochet Sock Bun Holders

Try out the latest rage-Crochet sock bun holders!

If you want to wear your hair in a bun, you can make your own bun holders with your scrap yarn.  What better way to use up your yarn scraps!

Here are two ways to make your own crocheted sock bun.


Crochet Sock Bun Pattern by Crochet Dynamite

Photo Tutorial with a written pattern.

crochet sock bun


Crochet Donut “Sock” Bun Maker-YouTube by Colors of Lily

YouTube Tutorial

how to sock bun


Tunisian Crochet Extended Stitch

I really like this Tunisian crochet stitch done with a Tunisian crochet hook! It’s not a solid stitch, nor is it an open mesh stitch.  It falls somewhere in between.  It has a little more drape to it and does not roll up like other Tunisian crochet stitches do.




I crocheted this sample with a size K Tunisian crochet hook with cotton yarn.

Ch 30 loosely (or desired number of stitches).

Row 1:  Work Base Row.  (Working from right to left in top lps, insert hook in 2nd ch from hook.  YO and pull up a lp [2 lps on hook], pull up a lp in each ch across.  Keeping all lps on hook; working from left to right, yo and draw through 1st lp on hook.  *Yo and draw through 2 lps on hook*.  Repeat from * to * across until one lp remains on hook.  This remaining stitch is the 1st stitch of the next row.)

Row 2:  Working from right to left, ch 1, sk 1st vertical strand, (work Tunisian Simple Stitch, ch 1) across (30 lps on hook).  Working from left to right, yo and draw through 1st lp on hook.  (Yo and draw through 2 lps on hook) across.

Work your sample or project to your desired length.

Last Row:  Work Bind Off (Working from right to left, sk 1st vertical strand, * insert hook under next vertical strand, yo and draw loosely through strand and loop on hook*. Repeat from * to * across.  Finish off.

How to Use Pinterest for Your Craft Business

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Pin Boards

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Copy Blogger:  56 Ways to Market Your Business on Pinterest

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How to Market Your Craft Work

Check out these posts to learn more about marketing your craft products!


Target Your Customers

Creative Income:  5 Basic Lessons of Marketing

Sell Your Stuff!



Creative Income:  Key Elements of Advertising Your Craft Business

Make sure people remember you!


Market yourself

Creative Income:  10 Fabulous Free Ways to Market You!

Great ideas!



Copy Blogger:  99 Ways to Market Your Art

You should be able to find at least one way to market your art from this post!



Creative Income:  Top 5 Ways Craft Business People Get Social Media Wrong

How to Market Well with Social Media



11 Great Articles on Getting Ready to Sell at Craft Shows

So, you have decided to jump into selling your crafts at craft shows.  Now what?  Be sure and check out these very helpful articles that detail what it takes for a successful craft show experience.

Breaking into the Craft Show Circuit

Pros and cons of Craft Shows.



How to Find a Craft Fair

Great list of links on where to look for a craft fair.



Crafter’s Etiquette:  The 10 Commandments for Craft Shows

Be professional and your customers will come back for more.

Craft show customers


Craft Show Checklist

A successful show starts with organization.

Craft show checklist


Tips to Maximize Your Sales at the Show.

A very detailed, but very informative checklist !


Craft Show Tips

An excellent round-up of tips on how to run your booth.

Funky finds


Setting Up for an Outdoor Craft Show

How weather can cost you a lot!



Creative Craft Show Booth Display Ideas

Ideas for changing your creative displays for that fresh, new look!



Craft Show Display Tips

Nice visuals of booth set-ups.

Etsy display


Signage That Sells Your Stuff

Keep it Simple!



Craft Show Conversation Starters

How to talk to your customers.



Pricing Your Craft & Art Work to Sell

 Here are some great posts that will help you figure out how to price your craft work so that it will sell and leave you with a profit!


Cre8tion Crochet Pricing

Determining Price Point & Your Target Audience

Cre8tion Crochet-This article reminds you to take your audience into consideration when you price your products.


Pricing work

What to Consider When Pricing Your Work

Creative Income:  How to set prices for your finished work.


How to Price Your Handcrafted Goods

Make:  Pricing determines how people perceive the value of your products.  Remember this!


A Simple Formula for Pricing Your Work

Etsy Blog:  How to put a price on your work following this formula.



Pricing Your Products for Online Sales

Creative Income:  List of several websites to help you research and compare prices for your own product pricing.



Pricing Your Products for Craft or Art Shows

Creative Income:  Tips to help you determine how to price your goods.